Why WeTolk

Why WeTolk?

With WeTolk you save on travel expenses for yourself, your partner and your interpreter. You can call at any time and at any location someone whose language you do not speak.

Location independent

WeTolk anywhere

Don't limit yourself by the locations of you, your discussion partner and your interpreter. WeTolk works everywhere. At home, on the road, at the office and at your holiday address.

Increase your search area

Because you are using the phone, your interpreter should not necessarily live or be in your environment. This means that you can search for an interpreter in a much greater range which enlarges your chances to find an interpreter that fits your specific needs.

Find interpreter worldwide

Substantial cost savings

WeTolk saves travel time and expenses

Traveling can be an inspiring activity. Traveling to a meeting location usually not, it only costs money and productivity. By doing your call by phone you realize serious savings on travel time and costs for all participants.